About MD2C – Data Analytics

MD2C offers Data Analytics and help with Quantitative Research. I like to help you to explore your data and craft models in order to make better business decisions.

Data Analytics

Examples of data analytics projects are:

  • Predictive maintenance: predict whether a machine will break down;
  • Predictive education: predict which student needs a little extra help to be successful;
  • IoT in school: predict which room will be available to study;
  • Predictive hiring: predict if a candidate will fit the job;
  • Getting to know your customer: understand and use customer behavior patterns;
  • Know your employees: profile classification to create powerful teams

Quantitative Research

I collaborated with many researcher and realized their quantitative research for their papers. Specialties:


To help other researchers, I developed PROCESS templates to graph conditional effects.


Current and past clients include:


Current and past partners include:


Quantitative Research, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Descriptive and Predictive Analysis.

KVK: 55402542 (MD2C forms part of MD2 Consultancy)

MD2C has been founded by Marian Dragt. You can reach me by sending an email to info [at] md2c [dot] nl

5 Replies to “About MD2C – Data Analytics”

  1. Thank you.
    I received the files I’ve ordered.

    By the way, I’ve a question for you,

    Could you check the file Model 7 (I’ve received) ConditionalEffect tab, if the title might be changed into “Conditional effect of Continuous IV on Continuous MED at values of the moderator Continuous MOD” instead.

    Please, let me know the result of your check..

  2. Dear Marian Dragt,
    Thank you for the rapid answer, I appreciate it..I received the new file attached.
    One more thing, could you check the file Model 14(I’ve bought) ConditionalEffect tab?
    In the Model 14, there’s a conditional effect of NEGTONE(Mediator) on PERFORM(DV) at values of NEGEXP(Moderator), but in the tab there’s conditional effect of DYSFUNC(IV) on PERFORM at values of NEGEXP… It might cause misunderstanding of researchers..

  3. Hi,

    I have ordered “PRODUCT V3 Model 1 MAC Moderation (dich IV in legend – cont W on x-axis)”. However, I realized that this one is for Mac users obviously. Could you email me with the product for Window?

    Thank you so much!


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