About MD2C – Data Analytics

MD2C offers Data Analytics and help with Quantitative Research.

Quantitative Research

Currently, my focus is to help creating graphs for moderation and mediation models and their variants, all based on the usage of the PROCESS macro developed by Andrew Hayes. I like to share my experiences with other researchers and students. You can find Excel templates to graph PROCESS output in my shop.

NEW: until now, I used SPSS software to generate the PROCESS output, but I’m currently working on a tutorial to use R for it.

Model 15 Moderated Mediation

I collaborated with many researchers and realized their quantitative research for their papers. Specialties:

  • CB-SEM
  • Mediation, moderation and Conditional Process Analysis

Data Analytics

In the past, I did a lot of projects to help customers to explore their data and craft models in order to make better business decisions.

Examples of data analytics projects are:

  • Predictive maintenance: predict whether a machine will break down;
  • Predictive education: predict which student needs a little extra help to be successful;
  • IoT in school: predict which room will be available to study;
  • Predictive hiring: predict if a candidate will fit the job;
  • Getting to know your customer: understand and use customer behavior patterns;
  • Know your employees: profile classification to create powerful teams


Current and past clients include: Microsoft, Nyenrode Business Universiteit, Timing, Van Campen Liem, Hoogvliet


Current and past partners include: Microsoft, Global Knowledge, Computrain, Vijfhart IT-Opleidingen, Winvision, Breinwave, Macaw, DashCare, NextGear, Maristany & Osés, SemioticLabs


Data Analytics, Quantitative Research, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Descriptive and Predictive Analysis.

KVK: 55402542 (MD2C forms part of MD2 Consultancy)

MD2C has been founded by Marian Dragt. You can reach me by sending an email to info [at] md2c [dot] nl

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