7 reflections on Microsoft’s Binary Classification: Customer Relationship Prediction Azure Machine Learning experiment

The Azure ML sample experiment Binary Classification: Customer relationship prediction shows us how we can use Azure’s binary classification algorithms. In the original Microsoft sample experiment, the models predict a customer’s churn, appetency, and upselling target variables. In this blog, I’m only focusing on the upselling target. My aim is […]

How to build a Student Performance Classifier with Azure Machine Learning 1

This blog explains how to build a Student Performance Classifier with Azure Machine Learning. This classifier predicts if a student will pass or fail Mathematics. The complete experiment can be downloaded from the Azure Machine Learning Gallery. Description of the Student Performance Classifier This classifier predicts a student’s performance for Mathematics (fail or […]


results AzureML Regression Demand Estimation

Azure Machine Learning: how to easily improve your model 1

Improving your Azure Machine Learning model In this example we start with a sample experiment from the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Gallery: Regression: Demand estimation. In this example there are four models built, and compared, based the newly created features. We will explore whether standard operations could improve these samples models, […]


MD2C Network drinks on August 29th

To share expertise and experience! On the 29th of August, we will have our MD2C Network drinks at De Ysbreeker. There is no formal agenda, just pay for your own drinks and enjoy meeting new people. You can confirm your assistance via Facebook or by sending an e-mail. Location: De Ysbreeker, Weesperzijde 23, 1091 […]