Know your Twitter Community and Prioritize

Know your Twitter community and prioritize who to have a conversation with is sometimes challenging. Thanks to scripts from Amit Agarwal and Martin Hawskey, it’s now easy to get more insights about your community. Inspired by their work, I created a simple graph to express a Twitter community network graph. With these kind of graphs you […]

PrioTime Twitter Network Graph by MD2C

#NEDCOS Worldcup Tweets – Social Network Graph

#NEDCOS Worldcup Tweets – Social Network Graph: a Social Network Graph about tweets containing #NEDCOS during several hours before and during the world cup soccer match between The Netherlands and Costa Rica. The nodes are the tweeps and the direction is based on the mentioned tweeps, or retweets. The complete […]


Twitter Social Network Graph with Google Fusion Tables

Creating a Twitter Social Network Graph is very easy nowadays. Normally, I’m using Microsoft products to build solutions, but in this case kudos to Google’s Fusion Tables! This social network graph, based on Twitter data (from a pilot of Nyenrode Business University), is build with Fusion Tables. Interested how to build your own […]

Twitter Social Network Graph