New Meetup group: Microsoft Data Science

MD2C has founded a new Meetup group: Microsoft Data Science.

This Microsoft Data Science Meetup group is for data scientist that would like to share experiences about doing data science on the Microsoft Azure data platform.

We would like to:

• highlight the latest developments of the Microsoft Azure data platform
• offer technical, hands-on sessions with Microsoft Technical Evangelists
• organize workshops and hackathons, and have fun!

Some highlights of the Microsoft Azure data platform:

• Cortana Analytics
• Azure Machine Learning Studio (R and Python)
• SQL Server
• Internet of Things (IOT) Hub
• Streaming Analytics
• Power BI (desktop and the cloud service)Our

The first meetup of this Microsoft Data Science group has been plannen on the 20th of June. We will run a Workshop “Data Science on the Azure Platform“. We are very thankful for our host Infi and our speaker Jeroen ter Heerdt from Microsoft for hosting this meetup and delivering the talk! As there are many people on the waiting list, we will organize another workshop after the summer.

Workshop on June 20

You might have heard about Azure, but have you actually tried to build prediction models on it? And did you know you can use R and Python on it? Jeroen ter Heerdt from Microsoft will introduce us to doing data science on the Azure platform, and you’re invited to try it yourself and build a model. This first meetup will be hosted by Infi


18:00 – Doors open with food and drinks

18:30 – Welcome

18:35 – Main talk: Data Science on the Azure platform

19:00 – Workshop: Build your own model on the Azure platform

20:30 – Raffle & News

20:35 – Social!

Main talk: Data Science on the Azure Platform

Azure (Microsoft’s public cloud) is an open and extensible cloud computing platform. In this talk we will explore some options on doing Data Science on Azure, including the Cortana Intelligence Suite as well as open source options for running data science workloads.

Speaker: Jeroen ter Heerdt (Microsoft)

Jeroen ter Heerdt is Technical Evangelist on Data and Advanced Analytics with Microsoft. He is passionate about “all things data”; whether it is about databases, data warehousing, BI, big data, data visualizations, self-service BI, Hadoop, real-time BI or anything even remotely related to data or insight. He strives to apply these concepts in his life as much as possible. Jeroen combines enthusiasm, vision and hands-on experience into fresh, entertaining and thought-provoking talks. His blog is can be found on twitter at @jeroenterheerdt.

Workshop: Build your own model on the Azure platform

In this workshop you are invited to build your own model on the Azure platform. Please bring your own laptop. If you can’t wait and already want to start building some models, you could start with a prediction model for annual income or a human activity classifier.

How to get to the venue?

The Infi office is located on the 3rd floor at the Arthur van Schendelstraat 500

3511 MH Utrecht

The best way to travel to Infi is by public transport. It’s close to Vaartsche Rijn station and there are many busses passing by. There is paid parking on the street and there is a SwitchPark located near the venue.

More about Infi

Infi is a software development company based in Utrecht that builds custom software for companies with IT in their core. They love sharing the passion for developing cool stuff with groundbreaking technology.

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