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MD2C offers Data Science as a Service, Business Analytics and Research. Our data scientists can help you to explore your data and craft models in order to make better business decisions. Besides, since MD2C offers Data & AI courses under the label DataChangers with the DataChangers Academy. MD2C has been founded by Marian Dragt.

Data Science as a Service

Examples of data science projects are:

  • Predictive maintenance: predict whether a machine will break down;
  • Predictive education: predict which student needs a little extra help to be successful;
  • IoT in school: predict which room will be available to study;
  • Predictive hiring: predict if a candidate will fit the job;
  • Getting to know your customer: understand and use customer behavior patterns;
  • Know your employees: profile classification to create powerful teams

Data & AI Courses

Data Science courses

The Microsoft Data Science Track contains 10 steps to learn the basic skills of a data scientist. You don’t have to follow them in the specific order, but some courses are related. Some steps offer your various options, so you can use i.e. your preferred programming language. For every course you can obtain an official Microsoft Professional Program certificate, issued by Microsoft. If you order this certificate of completion, we will send you a voucher with a code you can exchange.

These are the steps of the Data Science track:

  1. Data Science Orientation
  2. Query Relation Data
    To prepare yourself for step 3, you can follow Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel
  3. Analyze and Visualize Data with Excel or Analyze and Visualize Data with PowerBI
  4. Understand Statistics with Excel
  5. Explore Data with Code in R or Explore Data with Code in Python
  6. Understand Core Concepts of Data Science
  7. Understand Machine Learning
  8. Use Code to Manipulate and Model Data in R or Use Code to Manipulate and Model Data in Python
  9. Develop Intelligent Solutions or Applied Machine Learning or Predictive Analytics with Spark in Azure
  10. Final Project (currently only delivered by Microsoft)

You can also download the pdf with the upcoming courses:  DataChangers Microsoft Data Science Track (92 downloads) .


Current and past clients include:


Current and past partners include:

We encourage entrepreneurship and therefore we have special prices for start-ups, so please feel free to contact us.


Data Science, Business Intelligence, Descriptive and Predictive Analysis.

KVK: 55402542 (MD2C forms part of MD2 Consultancy)

Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform partner


Microsoft Most Valued Professional Award for Artificial Intelligence
2018 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Artificial Intelligence

Marian Dragt

Marian Dragt - Data Scientist

I’m passionate about analytics. I love to explore data and craft models in order to help companies and people making better business decisions. #MD2C #DataScience #Analytics #Research #R #Models #Data #Social #Network #Maths #Stats #Python #Sports #Music – Marian Dragt

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