DataChangers will change your world

Change your world with DataChangers and start discovering the world of data! Based on the Microsoft Data Science and Big Data track, we offer you, in collaboration with DataChangers, short courses to get you up to speed in the rapidly changing world of data. And of course, as explained in […]

DataChangers - change your world with data

New Meetup group: Microsoft Data Science

MD2C has founded a new Meetup group: Microsoft Data Science. This Microsoft Data Science Meetup group is for data scientist that would like to share experiences about doing data science on the Microsoft Azure data platform. We would like to: • highlight the latest developments of the Microsoft Azure data […]

Meetup Microsoft Data Science

Reflection predictive modeling. Credits to Olu Eletu

Predictive modeling and human interaction

This blog gives you some reflections on predictive modeling and human interaction. The prediction… The nice thing of predictive modeling is that it gives you possible answers, which you could use to define you or your customers’ actions. You can classify things or trying to predict numbers, like your sales. […]